LSAT Requirement For Law Schools

Most law schools of the United States, Canada and Australia and all the law schools approved by ABA (American Bar Association) consider the scores of LSAT (Law School Admission Test) for admissions. Law schools consider LSAT as an important aspect of application and even allocate more weightage to LSAT scores than the GPA obtained.

LSAT score requirement for law schools
Every law school has its own criteria admissions. The minimum LSAT score requirement will depend upon the school that you wish to get into. Usually, law schools of higher ranks have higher LSAT score requirements. The admission-departments of the law schools do not usually reveal their respective methods by which they analyze LSAT scores. Some law schools take an average of LSAT scores into consideration for their admissions, a certain other schools consider the highest score obtained in a section, and other schools consider the latest score obtained.

LSAT score conversion
LSAT is a standardized test with pre-defined methods for calculating its score. The test lasts for three and a half an hour. The score conversion is done by scaling the marks obtained between 120 and 180 using reports from previous year performances. I.e. the raw marks obtained by the students are adjusted to fit within a score range of 120 to 180 with a median of 151. This means that obtaining 50 percentile in LSAT would fetch you a score of around 150, and test takers who score 99 percentiles get their LSAT scores in the range of 178 to 180. This way the LSAT scores are distributed across intervals and scaled.

Sending released scores to law schools
Your released scores can be viewed online. You’ll be required to create an account through through which your score will be emailed to you in three to four weeks time. To obtain hardcopies, you’d need to pay a nominal fee to the LSAC account. takes around 12$ to send a score report. The scores can be sent to multiple law schools according to your choice by paying the required fee to

LSAT Score Cancellation
LSAT scores can also be cancelled if you aren’t satisfied with it, provided the cancellation is done within nine days time. To cancel your score, you must send a signed fax or overnight letter with your request for cancellation of the score within 6 days of the test. After your request gets processed, you will need to submit proof that your request was received at LSAC within the required period. Cancellation of your scores can also be done at the test center itself if you are sure about your decision in canceling your score. If you have taken multiple LSATs, Separate records are maintained for each test that you have taken. All those scores that have not been cancelled by you will be reported to the law schools to which you have applied. But increasingly, most law schools are only considering the highest LSAT score during their respective admissions processes.


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