Registering For The LSAT - Detailed Procedures, Fee Structure

The LSAT examination is available in almost all countries, and the registration procedure is made easy by simple terms. One can register online, by clicking on the official LSAT website, There is even the facility of registering by telephone. One can call up the number listed in the website to register for the specified dates that are also listed there. E-mails also provide another way of registering for the LSAT. Therefore, the LSAT registration becomes a very easy process that can be done by almost every individual.

How to Register: Sending the LSAC an e-mail with a query or requesting them to send you a paper registration booklet. Using that, one can register for the LSAT. There is excellent customer care provided by the LSAC, so one can call the offices anytime between 8.30AM and 7 PM (ET). Applicants must note that once the registration for the LSAT is done, they cannot cancel or withdraw the registration. Even re-registration is not allowed once the registration is complete. The money paid for the registration will not be refunded if the test is withdrawn or cancelled. There is also the option of Non-disclosed admissions, which if taken, the applicant would receive a copy of the score and percentile rank of the LSAT test but not the questions, answers and individual responses of the test.

LSAT Deadlines: After the registration process, one will be given a deadline to submit the online receipts. For example, if the test is on the 6th of June 2011, the receipt deadline would be May 3rd, 2011 for online, telephone or e-mail registration, while it could be 10th of May 2011 for late registration by mail and 13th of May 2011 for late registration online or by telephone. Candidates should also know that walk-in registrations at test centers are allowed, but not on the day of the test. For those who want to apply for a non-published test center, must do so in writing by fax or mail. Scores can be obtained by the applicants either by e-mail or by ordinary mail.

Registration Fee: The fee for the LSAT registration consists of the basic fee for the test and a Credential Assembly Service (CAS) fee. The LSAT fee is $139 and the CAS fee is $124 for US during the years 2011 and 2012. Other fees, generally listed as auxiliary fees, include the Late Registration fee of $68, the Test Center Change fee of $35, Test date fee of $68 etc. The Non-published test centers also charge a fee of about $252 for a domestic center and $335 for an international one. The refund for the registration and the CAS is $48 each. LSAC accepts payments made through checks and money orders payable to LSAC. Even credit cards of the type VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER and American Express are allowed. The LSAC doesn’t accept cash or foreign currency for the payment of any kind of fee.


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