Average LSAT Scores For Leading Universities

The LSAT, a test that is the basic criterion for selection of students for admission into law schools is being conducted since 1948, making it one of the most standardized tests available in the world. The exam has six sections, of which four are scored and have multiple choices, one which is un-scored experimental section and another, an un-scored writing section. The raw score that a student obtains on his LSAT is taken and converted according to a scale that has a minimum of 120 and a maximum of 180, with a median around 151.

The scaled score is usually grouped into a scoring band that is a general grouping of the score with three points plus or minus with 68% confidence. That means if your score is 158, then your scaled marks might be between 155 and 161, 68% of the time! The average score for LSAT is around 151, as more than 50% of the students who take the test get the score around 145 to 159. That is, if one scores above 160, it’s a good score and above 165, it’s an excellent score.

The test also provides results in percentiles, which determines the percentage of students taking the test on the same day that one outperforms. If a student obtains a percentile of 90, it means 90% of the students score less than him and only 10 percent scored more than him. This may not make a big difference to the result, but shows the difficulty of the test taken that particular day. The difference in percentile could be small or great. For example, the difference between the 60 and 90 percentiles could be more than four questions in each section while between 85 and 90 could be less than 3 or 4 questions entirely.

LSAT score is really important in one’s career if one decides to apply to a law school. It carries more weight than one’s GPA. It means a 4 hour test has more importance than 4 years of undergraduate study.

Average LSAT Scores for Top Law Schools: The highest scores (approx. 175-170) undoubtedly are preferred by first class universities like Harvard, Yale and Columbia. Next are the superior schools like NYU and the Stanford (Approx. 173-168). Other premium institutions that rank in the top are the Northwestern, Pennsylvania and Virginia Universities that take students who score around 166-171. Admirable Universities like Michigan, Cornell and Duke have very high standards too, only permitting admissions to students above a 165. Distinctive universities that rank amongst the top 50 in the country have their limit between 158 and 163. Generally this margin is said to be a good score, which is well above average. Scoring a 155 and below would fetch one a spot in the top 100 law varsities and a score below 150 would mean, one must probably retake the test for better scores.


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