LSAT Study Guides and Materials

LSAT is an exam that you can prepare for, by developing your analytical and logical skills which are needed by the examination and also familiarizing yourself with the basic format of the exam. Also, be known that LSAT is an exam that is not yet computerized. So practice for it using classic pen and paper. Most of us think that since LSAT is basically an aptitude exam, and that it is very much dependent on our natural ability. That might be true to one extent, as some innate ability is necessary to get a perfect score on the LSAT, but ability without effective practice and preparation will only fetch you low scores in LSAT.

LSAT study techniques
1. Start with a diagnostic test
in order to evaluate yourself, take an old LSAT exam question paper and attempt the questions under a pre-set time limit. This helps identify your weak areas.
2. Set aside ample time for preparation, do not cram.
Start your preparation at least at least 3 months before the test date and keep a study plan, so that you will have enough time to make yourself familiar with the syllabus, the test questions, and the structure of the exam. You would also need to develop your own strategy to crack the exam.
3. Follow a study schedule
Online LSAT study guides and online LSAT study schedules are available on the web, which you can use to help yourself prepare a study plan for yourself so that you keep in touch with your preparation every day. This will also help you retain concepts in your memory and speed up you analytical skills.
4. Take plenty of sample tests
This will help you attend the paper with ease on the actual date. Also, practicing with LSAT sample papers under a strict time limit is vital, so that the time factor would not stress you up on the LSAT examination day.
5. Don’t give up
There will be a time in every test taker’s study period, when the candidate the exam is out of his/her reach. But please be known that this is a natural phase and that once you’re sure that you’re putting in good amount of preparation every day, you are quite safe.

LSAT Study Materials
For diagnostic tests, Test preparation assistors like Kaplan and The Princeton Review provide you with free diagnostic exams in a real test setting. You could contact your respective study center for details or search online. Before getting you LSAT study books, check if they contain enough practice exercises, LSAT practice tests with answer keys and explanatory answers for the questions, previous years question papers and other sample questions. Online study courses are also offered by a number of educative websites for free or for a price, which you can make use of to enrich your preparation. These sites provide you with numerous LSAT study and practice questions to go through.


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