How To Do Well On The LSAT – Tips And Advice

Everybody wants a great LSAT score but doesn’t really know how to achieve it. One may go to classes, write free online practice tests etc but may still fail to do well on the LSAT. For helping the candidates score better, many tips and pieces of advice on how to prepare well for the LSAT can be used.

Some LSAT tips and pieces of advice are:
1. Never Rush up Preparation: Preparation should always be done at an alert but slow pace. “Doing school work during the weekdays while cramming up for the LSAT on weekends will not produce the best of results” say some researchers. A mix of both school work and LSAT preparation will make the study process easier and more fun.
2. Plan for Only One Attempt: It is easier to study for the test if one decides it’s the only time one is taking it. It is a difficult test and devoted all time and energy and preparing for it thoroughly once will be much better than taking it more than once.
3. Analyze During Practice: There are many sample tests online that the students take, but merely writing these do not help. Analyzing the sections, questions and the reasons why one went wrong will make one remember the mistake and never repeat it. Understanding a wrong question is the best way to remember it.
4. Take a Diagnostic Test, Well Ahead of Time: Taking an old LSAT test before the preparation will tell one where one is in the preparation ladder. Repeating similar tests every week will allow one to compare one’s previous performances and improve gracefully.
5. Find out Where the Difficult Questions are and Brace Yourself for It: According to Kaplan, the most difficult questions on the exam appear in the Analytical reasoning and Reading passages. Moreover, the questions get more and more difficult as one progress further in to the test, that is, easier questions appear first, followed by difficult ones.
6. Learn One Section at a Time: Devoting lots of time to separate sections will help one master that section. Always study that section which is the most difficult, according to you. This will help you prepare well for the LSAT. Also while writing sample tests; attempting different sections separately will help.
7. Re-create the Test Environment: To avoid general distractions and make you confident on the test day, practice regular sample tests while keeping in mind they are the actual exams. Getting up early in the morning to take the test will make you get used to the schedule. Finding a location, like a library or a classroom where there is enough distraction similar to what is found in the test centre would be great.

Tips to follow During the LSAT Exam: For good LSAT scores, it isn’t enough to follow tips while studying alone, but also implementing them during the test. Doing the easy questions first, selecting answers by the elimination process, attempting all questions and staying positive throughout will help a great deal.


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