Taking LSAT sample tests – A few tips

While preparing for the LSAT, simulating the day of the test by taking LSAT test samples under actual time constraints helps the LSAT test taker to estimate the amount of time he/she can afford to be spending on each question in a section and to find the questions where they might need additional practice. Also, it is important to use the time allotted to you wisely. During the test, you might work on the section given to you by the test supervisor. You must not devote extra time to a difficult question and make up that time on a question that you might find easier. Be sure that you attempt each and every question on the exam. When you don’t know the correct solution to a question, try eliminating the choices that you know for sure are not correct, then make the best guess among the remaining options. Have some good LSAT test taking strategies at hand. Visit LSAT test sites for guidance.

Remember that there is no penalty for incorrect answers in LSAT. So don’t be afraid to make guesses fearing that it might go wrong. When you take an actual test you will have only a short break which is usually about 10–15 minutes after the end of SECTION III. So keep the LSAT test times in mind. Taking LSAT test sample questions is very useful for final preparation. Official directions for the multiple-choice questions and the writing sample are given in this practice tests also so that you can approximate actual testing conditions as you practice.

Also, making a chart of recent LSAT scores that are accepted by law schools and the scores you want to touch and looking at it frequently helps in increasing confidence. Also make an LSAT test schedule with all important dates and deadlines so that you don’t miss out on anything

Some LSAT test-taking tips (during the test)
· Set a timer for 35-40 minutes. Answer all the questions in SECTION I. Stop working on that section when the time allotted has elapsed.
· Do the same for sections II, III, and IV as well.
· Set the timer again for 35 minutes and then prepare to write your writing sample at the end of this test.
Remember, Scratch paper s are provided for use for the writing of sample portion of the test only. Scratch paper cannot be used in other sections of the LSAT.

General LSAT test taking advice:
· Firstly, well prepared attendance. Knowing u prepared well gives confidence
· A good night’s sleep previous to the test is a must.
· In the beginning, read all the questions asked. Answer the easy ones first.
· Do mental visualizing and meditation techniques to relieve your fear
· Relax and rid yourself of the fear. What is the worst that can happen? Try smiling while taking the LSAT test!
· Get into the Mind of the LSAT test corrector; write in terms of what they expect to see in your paper. Especially the writing-sample.


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