LSAT Scores And Law Schools

Law schools consider many factors for their admission processes. The two factors that all candidates are judged upon are: previous academic performances or GPA and the LSAT score. LSAT scores released are expressed in three ways, Raw LSAT Score, LSAT Scaled Score, and LSAT score Percentile. Depending on the LSAT scoring system, the schools of the topmost ranks accept LSAT average scores as follows.

Ranking of the law school
Name of the Law school
Average LSAT scores accepted by the law school
Harvard  Law School
175 to 180

Columbia University

170 to 175
Yale University
165 to 172
New York University
167 to 172
University of Chicago
160 to 170

Sending applications to More than One law School
Most applicants apply to around five law schools roughly. Even if you have high LSAT scores and college GPA with good qualifications, still it’s safer to apply to a school where you are almost certain of being admitted. Your released scores along with the LSAT scoring chart can be viewed online once the results are released. You must create an account at from which your score would be mailed to you in 3 to 4 weeks time. Also, in order to obtain hardcopies of your scores or other details, you will be asked to pay a fee to, which takes around 12$ to send a score report to a single law school. The scores can be sent to multiple law schools as well, which depends upon your choice. Accordingly, the fee will be collected.

Law Schools- The Application Details
While filling in your application for the law schools after the release of LSAT scores, make sure that you explain in detail about yourself and that the law school application includes your percentiles (Also LSAT scores percentile), all your background details, information and other experiences, which can be personal, educational or social. This must enable them to look at you as a unique candidate.
The law school alumni or the other people in the admissions office who are analyzing the applications want to understand what you would contribute to the classroom experience if you are selected.
The things that help them understand this should be provided by you in your application. They can be the disadvantages you have overcome, and about the experiences have shaped your perspective towards living, etc. These details are usually important regardless of your racial background. You must try to set yourself apart through your application. Take care that you provide all relevant information that tells them what you can bring to the law school classrooms.

Remember that Law schools have a variety of application needs and deadlines that you must fulfill in order to be considered for admission in their respective schools. In your account, you can use the detailed calendar which is published there to remind you of the important deadlines. This registration process for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is the beginning of the law school journey.


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